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Exergame Fitness Australia Has Launched

09 April 2010

By 2025 we want everyone to have experienced the life changing fitness and health benefits offered by Exergaming – and you can quote us on this!

Our vision is to be become THE global entertainment-technology fitness & health solution. Our solutions will excite, inspire and empower people to improve the quality of the lives and to be the best they can be. We are determined to contiually innovate and develop new experiences that are accessible to everyone, everywhere regardless of their age, gender or ability and to make these solutions last a lifetime.

Exergaming Australia’s iDance and Games for Health solutions will be available through 12 major regions in Australasia by 2015. Our focus for expansion will occur through schools, aquatic & community centres and gyms from Hobart, to Darwin from Perth to Auckland New Zealand.

We will promote and advocate the tremendous health benefits offered by EGA to the wider community. We will provide the most effective and efficient way to benefit the most people in the shortest amount of time with the most reliable and proven solutions available.

Exergaming Australia will extend its actionable Exergaming solutions world wide, beyond 2015, by being a leader in powerful and robust local, national and international networks.


The founder of Exergaming Oy Finland, Brett Young, returned to Australia in 2008 to define, then establish the structure forExergaming Australia Pty Ltd. Brett saw the need to reshape and rethink how best to deliver Exergaming solutions in this area of the world and has spent the last two years localising the previous business model to suit the needs of Australasians. Conan Young joined the team in 2009 when Exergaming Australia became incorporated.

Toward the end of 2009, Conan’s work to outline and design our Australasian Development Plan (ADP) was completed. With the very clear path ahead, defined by our ADP, we achieved a successful bid to become sole distributor for Positive Gaming’siDANCE for Australasia. A very successful end to 2009!


At the beginning of 2010 Exergaming Australia has partnered with Exergame Fitness USA to further extend our resources and expertise to become Australasia’s dominant Exergaming Turnkey solution provider. Exergaming Australia has worked hard to secure partnerships with the best in fitness/health-technology distribution and manufacturing – Exergame Fitness USA (EF) andPositive Gaming Sweden (PG).

Our partnership with EF ensures our supply of the most effective Exergaming solutions available. Equally important, EF are the benchmark for Exergaming distribution, sales and support with over 10 years experience and expertise in this fast expanding and challenging marketplace.

As of February 2010 Exergame Fitness Australia will be the front end of our drive to deliver the iDANCE solution throughout Australasia. We are perfectly positioned to supply best practices solutions for schools, aquatic centres, community centres and fitness centres throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our strong partnerships sees us enter the health and fitness industry with confidence, a coherent and clear plan (ADP) and with tremendous commitment to deliver key solutions that will make a difference.

We also see 2010 as a pivotal year for the growth of alternative 21st century fitness and health solutions. Solutions provided by world wide and national foundations such as the Serious Games Initiative, Games for Health Forum, Games for Rehabilitation and The Exergame Network (TEN). Exergame Fitness Australia is a leading contributor across these fields and believes Australasia is well positioned to benefit from existing solutions and indeed, become an active contributor in the continual research and development offered by these cutting edge genres. Exciting times ahead!