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Exergaming Gives Everyone A Chance To Play

05 June 2014

Anyone who’s ever played sports knows how special that can feel. And everyone should have a chance to feel it.

Courage League gives anyone that chance, and puts it in painting.

“It`s right here on our walls. They have to believe. They get to grow, and most importantly they get to play, and it`s a level playing field for them,” said Courage League Sports founder Melissa Clarke-Wharff.

And now they get to play with a new toy.

“The best way to describe it is a giant iPad that`s projected onto the floor,” Program Director Molly Wuebker explained.

Exergaming is a virtual reality system that anyone can play. No ball, so there`s little injury concern, but it still gets kids up and moving.

“We all know that children that have special needs tend to live a more sedentary life style. So it`s hard to find things that motivate them to be physically active,” Clarke-Wharff explained.

“It`s really fun just to go wild on that thing,” Jack Clarke said.

This isn`t just a chance to play, but also a chance to be a part of something.

“It`s the first time for these kids that have never had these type of opportunities before so we`re going to continue doing that here,” Wuebker said.

Everyone`s experience is different, but courage league sports make sure everyone has a chance.

Source: WHOtv