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Perry Lake School

Rather than fighting technology and the pervasiveness of video games, of which it is reported 97% of kids play some type of console system, Perry Schools encouraged their students to “game” at school on their Exergame equipment. Read about their success here.

Click here to see pictures of the Perry Lake’s Exergame Fitness room.


Lincoln Middle School

Lincoln Middle School built a one-of-a-kind Exergame Lab for their students as a way to engage them to be active, teach them about exercise and help them develop life long healthy habits.

Click here to watch it in action.

Gateway School

Gateway School’s state of the art Exergame Room has lots of great equipment for their students and provides a wonderful opportunity for them to be active. Exergame equipment installed at their school includes: Nexersys, Exerbike, TWall, WaterRower, and 3Kick.

Click here to see pictures of their Exergame Room.



Shepherd School District

What Shepherd High School is providing for their students with their Exergame equipment is access to a new way for students to create healthy habits and maintain an active lifestyle. Click here to read more.

Click here to see pictures of their Exergame equipment.

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