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Indoor Cycling Simulators Add Motivation for Members

16 June 2015
Spivi Virtual Indoor Cycling

Screenshot from Spivi Virtual Indoor Cycling

No matter what time of day it is, whether the weather or traffic is bad; indoor cycling simulator games let you get the most out of your ride—even when you’re inside. Nothing is more frustrating than planning a full workout only to have it affected by things you can’t control. With virtual cycling games you can experience the benefits of a full workout along with the excitement of riding along some of your favorite routes, and having all that data tracked and information sent back to you indoors.

ACE Fitness calls indoor cycling one of the best workouts for calorie burn. Not only does an indoor cycling simulator build a fit lower body while providing endurance and strength, interactive cycling workouts help release endorphins in the brain to alleviate stress and provide a healthier outlook on life.

Evo WebRacing

Evo WebRacing

Using an indoor cycling simulator in your club not only is something that can provide a great fitness program for your members, but it can also complement what they might already be doing in the gym. Systems like the ones Exergame Fitness uses can sync seamlessly with a clubs members and personal networks. This provides a way for the member to track their workouts and share them on their personal social networks. No matter which exercise principles or fitness equipment you use today, virtual cycling simulators provide a new experience for the members.

Interactive cycling simulators can connect to large screen LCDs, or even projectors to give the rider a full on immersive experience.

Getting ready to race virtually.

Getting ready to race virtually.

With the most up to date systems it empowers instructors to teach live classes, or provide a virtual instructor to run the class. It also provides an automated virtual class schedule to make your membership and program tracking that much easier.

Create things like leader boards or around the world challenges. People from China can compete against people in the United States all through the virtual programs.

With interactive cycling simulators you can inspire what we call a “healthy addiction” to cycling classes at the gym.