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Fitness centers across the country are looking to join the movement and are working with Exergame Fitness to do something to engage the fastest growing market segment – kids age seven to fourteen. With 74 million children in the United States, they represent the future of the fitness industry. Making sure they are comfortable at the gym at an early age will help ensure they become members for life.

Here’s what some top organizations around the country are doing with it.


A chain of 18 clubs in and around the northern California area and a reputation for being a true family fitness facility.  Ironically, they too realized a need to dramatically increase their offering and get kids involved and engaged at an early age.  So, after much consideration they chose to install the EYEPLAY interactive system from Exergame in 5 locations.  The response has been fantastic and now the engagement is starting at the youngest kids level.


UFC Gym touts the motto “Train Different” and that’s exactly what they decided to start doing in their kids zone.  Realizing the need to engage their future members, UFC has now installed the super popular T-Wall from Exergame at 4 of their California locations, including adding one to the pre-sale office at the largest UFC Gym location to be open later this year.  Why?  Because it engages these kids, makes fitness interesting and let’s them associate coming to the club with having fun.  That bodes well for retaining mom and dad as members and for getting these kids to upgrade to full term members when they are able to do so per the club policy.  Putting a T-Wall in the pre-sale office is another large step forward as it is now becoming a focal point for selling memberships.


This organization has been one of the top 100 club groups for several years and there is no reason to doubt why.  With a commitment to excellence and a new shift in training geared towards “movement and fun”, Midtown was looking to start this concept at the youngest level.  They boast some of the coolest KidTown places, but felt that they needed something more.  Enter Exergame, with a nice mix of products to stimulate these kids to movement and fun.  The staff here puts an emphasis on programming, and not just having this facility used as a holding tank for older kids.  They work hard to take their movement philosophy and implement it at this level, thus creating healthier, happier families in their community.  Several Midtown locations have added some pieces of Exergame and a large scale project is in the works to add a more complete Exergame solution.


In Philadelphia’s Main Line section in a nice little town called Wayne sits a 35 year old club that is currently undergoing a complete overhaul.  With increased competition from low cost competitors and smaller studios, Club La Maison realized the need to appeal to parents and offer something more then just babysitting.  Club Owner Stephanie Sposato said that it has “been one of the best investments we have made so far during the renovation.  It’s been amazing- members love it, the kids love it and it really makes an impact on a membership tour.”


Just before being acquired by US Fitness Holdings, Sport & Health was in the process of opening another amazing facility in Rockville, Md.  Among some of the most amazing design and functional ideas they chose to implement, they wanted the Kidz Klub to be “super cool”.  What did they do? Exergame!  Double T-Wall 32 and an EyePlay system with built in screen like flooring to absolutely knock the socks off the parents and kids immediately upon entering.  The Exergame systems compliment the brand of Sport & Health and let people know that fitness is truly a family affair at the area’s newest and finest fitness facility.


Talk about going “all in”, this trend setting YMCA knew that depsoite having a strong reputation for being family friendly, they were still severely lacking in the 7 to 14 year old age group.  They need a solution to fill this “tween space” at their new YMCA.  They decided to make the investment in a full turn key Exergame room, complete with data tracking, scoreboards, room graphics and true FUN-ctional fitness solutions.  One year after installation, the Executive Director said that they couldn’t be more pleased with the solution this has provided them and it was exactly what they needed!

It’s exactly what your facility needs too.  Contact EXERGAME today to get your piece of the 74 million members out there just waiting to give you their money (or their parents money) for years to come.

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