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Launch of Gym for Good at LIW UK

02 October 2014

At Leisure Industry Week (LIW), Luke Lancaster, founder of Young Pioneers Charity, launched Gymfor Good. This is a ground breaking initiative that enables independent gyms to useCSR in a meaningful way that will increase membership and engage the localcommunity. Luke presented a case study of a independent gym and the effectthe CSR program has had on the way they operate, generate new memberships andengage with their own staff and PT Instructors.

In addition, Luke spoke on  ‘Engaging Young People’. He presented findings fromthe Award wining YP Be Healthy Program which has engaged over 7,500 youngpeople. He looks at their views on well-being, how to engage them and getthem active as well as analyzing their responses on healthy eating, takingexercise, stress and childhood obesity.

We are very proud of Luke for his achievements thus far.