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PlayFit Family Night At YMCA of Greater Seattle is Huge Success

10 March 2015

by Scott Goode on Feb 13, 2015 at 9:23am

NEWCASTLE, WA – On January 17th, 2015 Coal Creek Family YMCA hosted their first ever PlayFit Family Night for members. The main reason for this event was to unveil their brand new, state of the art interactive fitness room designed by Exergame Fitness of Palatine, Illinois. The 150 families that attended spent their night engaged in interactive play on the various Exergame products at the facility. Featured items included the Eyeplay, Exerbike, Twall, and iDance – all interactive gaming systems that combine fitness, technology, and gameplay to get people moving and active all while having fun.

“The Exergame room was a huge hit!” said Sara Biancofiori, the Associate Executive Director at Coal Creek Family YMCA. “Our families had a great time.” Joan Steberl, another one of the YMCA of Greater Seattle associates added, “The kids are really loving it.”

In December 2014, Exergame Fitness installed these interactive gaming rooms at two of the YMCA of Greater Seattle Association locations – Coal Creek Family YMCA and Dale Turner YMCA – with Coal Creek Family receiving the lion’s share of the equipment.

These Exergame rooms are focused on engaging kids and adults in physical activity by merging technology with gaming and adding a dose of fitness.

Exergame Fitness is the worldwide leader in providing facilities like YMCAs and Health Clubs with the best interactive fitness equipment and turnkey room solutions. With the increase in popularity of the fit-tech industry, club members are looking for these types of opportunities at their clubs in order to make fitness a family affair. Exergame Fitness helps facilities like the YMCAs of Greater Seattle meet those demands and bring their fitness experience into the 21st century.

Click here to see pictures of Coal Creek Family YMCA’s Exergame Fitness room.