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CardioWall Landscape

Easy To Use – Challenging To Beat

Versatile for elite athletes, children, and wheelchair users.

Challenge balance, stretch, squat, reach, and mental alertness with CardioWall Landscape. You can use it individually, in pairs, or in group settings.

Functional & Flexible; Accessible & Inclusive

Train lateral movement, peripheral vision and reach with the CardioWall Landscape. Used with hands, gloves, soft weights, medicine balls and more, CardioWall can simulate a huge range of functional training exercises that are ideal for users of any age and ability.

Create your own workouts or simply hit start and go.

  • 4 inbuilt games develop speed, stamina, mental alertness, reaction time, core strength, hand-eye coordination and balance
  • High visual impact and fully brandable
  • Ideal for rehabilitation and users with limited mobility, schools and youth sports training
  • Use individually, 1-on-1 or in teams/groups
  • Players receive a score to measure progress – fun and highly motivational
  • Space efficient – protrudes just 4” from the wall

Horizontal Product Information: Size - 2100mm (W) x 1220mm (H) x 55mm(D), 9 multi-color bullet-proof lightpods mounted in tough composite moulding. Digital sound effects and spoken word instructions. Adjustable game time and skill levels. Customizable front graphic. Required 230Vac – 5A supply (with approx 1m of trailing wire)

Games included:

  • Chaser – follow the red lightpad and biff it quick – a great test of reactions.
  • ClearOut – all the lightpads, all on. Bash them as fast as you can to build a huge score.
  • ClusterShot – groups of lightpads light up, then bosh them before they turn off in sequence. Green = 3 pts, Yellow = 2pts, Reed = 1pt. Tests your speed and your reactions. How quick are you?
  • Combat – challenge another player on the other wall and compete to turn on your light pods quicker than they can turn them off – really addictive!

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