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Exergame TV

Captivate Your Audience


Action Sport Entertainment

In an effort to fight childhood obesity, Exergame TV provides action sport entertainment as a means of motivation to be fit and healthy for years to come. With so many technological advancements, people, especially children are known to respond well to colorful, moving graphics that they like.

Motivating To Be Active

Exergame TV brings your content to life through the new world of digital signage. Our main video screen allows you to choose from dozens of action packed videos from our exclusive database. The custom RSS feed gives you the freedom to relay messages specific to your ideal audience. Exergame TV acts as an information center perfect for kids, young adults, and parents with the engaging, active content that promotes movement and physical activity. Your kids fitness room will never be the same.

Choose from hours of attention grabbing content. Access to the RSS feed allows to stream real-time broadcasting up-to-the-second.

Educate & Engage
Engage kids for an active lifestyle by increasing awareness of announcements and upcoming events.

Technologically Savvy
Today’s media savvy youth respond well to a medium that offers and eye-catching screen with colorful moving graphics.

Advertising Engine
Allow advertisers to stream messages and get that return on investment.

Save time and money!  You will no longer be burdened by costs of paper, printing, and related administration costs.

Your message is displayed when and where you want it, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Specifications Windows 7 embedded. Intel i3 1.8GHz Dual Core 2GB Memory 32G mSATA drive. Dual HDMI 1.4a video output. Low power consumption. Compact size for a very small footprint.( 4 x 4 x 1.5 inches ). VESA mount ( to hang on wall or behind screen) Display 1920x1080p, Widescreen LCD or Projector. Internet Wireless or wired (ethernet) connection required to upload new content. Runs stored content without internet connection.

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