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Fit Interactive 3 Kick

Punch and Kick For A Seriously Fun Workout

Kick and Punch Where The Light Goes

3 Kick is designed with proprietary and resilient foam pads that can be punched, kicked, slapped, or tapped with shoes or bare feet, a fist, or an open palm. A light comes on in the pad and an audible tone sounds, when the pad is hit the light goes off and randomly another comes on.

The Faster You Go, The Better Your Score

The score is based on speed and more points are allocated the faster you move, making it easy to track your daily progress. 3 Kick is simple to use, fun, and built strong for years of use.

Compete against yourself, others, or as a team!

The sport or game moves as quickly as the player. Thus accommodating players from children to adults and beginners to the advanced. All units come with a proprietary computerized score keeper and timer that is controlled by the owner. It is also designed to accommodate all common world voltages.

  • Full body and hand-eye coordination, improved reaction time, foot work, balance and mental acuity.
  • Elevated heart rate for fat burning and cardio effect
  • Provides fun and exciting fitness for all ages.

Summary Specifications

Category: Floor Active Game

Players: 1-6 Players

Format: Commercial Grade Interactive Fitness Game

Dimensions: 96” W X 96” L X 68” H

Weight: 370 lbs.


Limited Warranty

(Strive 3 Kick Limited Warranty for Commercial Use)

Conditions and Products covered

Each Strive 3 Kick unit is a commercial piece of equipment designed for commercial supervision.

*Each unit comes with a full 90-day one-time part replacement warranty against defects.

*Additional coverage includes a full 1-year one-time part replacement warranty on all circuit boards and circuit board components.

*Additional coverage also, includes a full 3-year warranty on all steel components including all frameworks.

How to Use:

  • Each round is a timed event (the owner of the 3 Kick controls allotted time).
  • 1 to 3 players get in the ring, any pad is kicked and the game begins.
  • A light inside a foam pad will illuminate and an audible signal will sound.
  • That light will stay on for 5 seconds or until the corresponding pad is either hit or kicked.
  • Randomly another light will come on and will stay on until the pad is punched or kicked.
  • As the targets are hit, points accumulate and are displayed as the game is played. As response time increases, more points are added to your score lending even more excitement to the round!

Product Warranty: One Year (Frame, Structure, internal parts, etc.)

Electronics warranty: One Year (Display, computer, touch screen, led lights, etc.)

Parts Warranty: One Year (component pieces that come with the unit)

Labor Warranty: NA

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