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Fit Interactive JumpQ

Explode through workouts with the JumpQ!

Jump Into Being Fit

A great way to enhance speed, agility, vertical jumping ability and quickness is the Jump Q. With its unique design and interactive game play, the Jump Q is a tremendous teaching tool in the recent popularity of plyometrics.

Great For Athletes

The Jump Q enhances the bodies ability to train the fast twitch muscle fibers. This is a distinct advantage for athletes. This type of training will help them to respond more quickly to demands on the playing field.

  • Activate power with toggle switch located on side of score box.
  • Set to desired time by depressing the black button located on the scoreboard.
  • The object is to jump on each pad as it lights up in random order as fast as possible, for a score.
  • Points are scored based on reaction time. Scoring system is the time elapsed between initial lighting and jumping on pad. 1 second - 5 points, 2 seconds - 4 points, 3 seconds - 3 points, 4 seconds - 2 points, 5 seconds - 1 point After 5 seconds elapse, no points are scored and another sensor randomly lights
  • The goal is to get the highest score in the predetermined amount of time. Let the competitions begin!

Players: 1-6 Players

  • Dimensions: 57” W X 71” L
  • Weight: 300 lbs.


  • Limited Warranty
  • Each unit comes with a full 90-day one-time part replacement warranty against defects.
  • Additional coverage includes a full 1-year one-time part replacement warranty on all circuit boards and circuit board components.
  • Additional coverage also, includes a full 3-year warranty on all steel components including all frameworks.

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