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Self paced, motorless, rotating climbing structure with adjustable angles and holds brings climbing to a new level.

The Simplicity Of Ladder Climbing With The Advanced Features Of Treadwalls

The Laddermill by Treadwall is a rotating climbing wall, incorporate Natural Pace Technologyâ„¢ for self-paced, motor-less climbing with adjustable angles and holds.

We’ve married the simplicity of ladder climbing with the advanced features you find on a Treadwalls. You can adjust the angle from an easy inclined angle to an intense overhanging power workout. Climb on!


Simple. There is nothing to strap on, nothing to start up; staffing requirements are minimal. Climbers adjust their rate of ascent with a simple lever. Climbing angle changes with the pull of a lever.

It’s Fun. Some may climb because it’s there; for the rest of us, it’s got to be fun.

Reliable. Treadwall has a proven track record. More than 2,000 machines are in place worldwide. Operation is reliable, maintenance is minimal and service is swift.

Safe. Climbers are never more than 1-2 feet off the floor. When it’s time to stop, they just step down to the floor.

No Experience Necessary. If you can run, you can climb. Just hop on and go – you set the pace, Treadwall adjusts automatically, as you climb. It’s that simple.

Both experienced climbers and new users alike will instantly benefit from the core strength and balance gained from Laddermill training. Cross training and total body training are becoming increasingly popular due to their efficiency and speed. The Laddermill fits perfectly into these types of workouts allowing long cardio burns at the easier angles and quick muscle building workouts on the steep. The built in auto-stop feature allows you to climb safely at any speed without any safety equipment or harnesses.

The Laddermill frame is very compact and since it’s completely freestanding it can go anywhere in your gym. Or get the external upgrade or portable packages to move your wall outside and anywhere else you can imagine.

  • Compact 3 foot wide climbing area allows you alot of movement in a small space
  • Adjustable speed allows the climber to feel as comfortable or train as hard as they wish
  • Changeable climbing angle for multiple types of exercise
  • Counter for distance and time monitoring
  • Non-motor driven for quiet dependable operation
  • Durable construction for decades of use


  • Exergame Programs & Lesson Plans
  • Motion Fitness Training Programs


Climbing is fun, engaging, requires concentration, coordination, and is great fitness. Laddermill has low maintenance, and require little or no staff is ideal for an Fitness areas and Exergame rooms.

  • Personal Training
  • Kids Fitness
  • Sports Performance
  • ardio Area
  • Schools & Education Market


  • Floor Mat: A high quality vinyl covered floor mat that folds up when not in use. Not needed for normal operation but a nice feature for facilities with an abundance of caution.
  • Security Cover: Ensure that the Laddermill can not be used when it should not be used with this easy to attach security system.
  • Custom Colors

Perfect for adults, kids and training.


  • Wall Angle: 20 degrees total (+5 / -15)
  • Dimensions: 6'(Wide) x 5'(Deep) floor, 10' 2" tall
  • Weight: 490 lbs.
  • Power: 12 v, 1.5amp for sensors only, no motor
  • Display: Time, distance, calories
  • Warranty: 10 years on structural parts, 1 Year moving parts

Install & Training:

  • Optional

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