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Creative climbing structures for schools, training facilities, rehabilitation centers, and playgrounds.

Exciting & Safe Horizontal Climbing Wall

Traversing (sideways climbing) walls are a popular alternative for schools, camps, YMCAs and health clubs. These walls are very safe and need minimum staff training or oversight, yet they provide much of the excitement and fitness benefits of a full-sized wall.

We specialize in a mix of creative climbing structures for schools, training facilities, rehabilitation and playgrounds.

The exclusive LedgeWall texture gives your project an appealing look, provides an excellent surface for climbing, and will never wear out.

Ledgewall are very safe and need minimum staff training or oversight, yet they provide much of the excitment and fitness benefits of a full-sized wall. LedgeWall Plus panels are designed with a narrow frame that allows them to be attached directly to a concrete or CMU walls. These panels can be pre cut to any dimension to best fit your project. They are pre-drilled for easy mounting using standard concrete fasteners. Installation is fast - a 30-foot long wall can be installed in one afternoon.

Ledgewall Package Includes:

  • 48" x 96" Ledgewall Plus Panels, 1 1/2" total thickness
  • 54 Preinstalled threaded inserts for mounting Holds
  • 3/4" framing for mounting on cement and block walls
  • Manual
  • Framing Instructions

The Graycliff Boulder is a small, easily portable climbing island. Constructed from the Ledgewall Module system. The wall is designed to be easily assembled and disassembled for trade shows road shows or travelling fairs but also allows a large amount of climbing into a small space.

A Graycliff boulder can easily be modified to have one positive sloping side and one negative overhanging side. And the difficulty of the climbs can be adjusted by the types and locations of the holds. While some climbs could be geared for small children at the same time, on the same unit, the most talented climbers could be entertained and challenged by this systems features. When assembled the top is open providing limitless attachment point for banners and advertising.

Graycliff Boulder Package Includes:

  • 6 ledge wall Modules that can be assembled in 3 separate overhanging or slab configurations
  • 120 holds - Comprised of multiple colors and difficulty levels
  • 2.5" dual foam vinyl floor mats - Multiple colors available
  • Popular Options

Exterior upgrade for longer term outdoor use - includes all stainless steel hardware

Extra hold packs to expand your options and target specific participants

Custom Colors

LedgeWall Modules are perfect for a bouldering court or island. Bouldering structures are low (up to 10 feet high) climbing walls with lots of interesting corners, overhangs and roofs. They can even include a climbing 'cave' for all-out training. They are compact systems that emphasize movement and activity without operational difficulties and costs associated with climbing towers. the are perfect for school districts, camps, park districts and YMCA's. They simply bolt together to create an exciting bouldering court from an under-utilized racquetball facility or a challenging freestanding bouldering island. Prefabricated modules means all the time-consuming framing and finishing is done before they arrive at your facility. A full-sized bouldering court can be assembled on site by local labor in two days.

Freestanding Bouldering Island Package Includes:

  • 8 LedgeWall Modules
  • 150 colorful holds
  • 2 20 and 10 degree overhangs
  • Floor mat. Instructions

Permanently texturized Panels add extra friction on difficult climbs, forever.

Hold placements are raised from the texture providing security to your hold positions.

Fully customized design that uses your space to the fullest.

Shapes and features are custom made, the possibilities are endless.

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