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Motion Touch Magix

Highly Engaging Interactive Wall

Turn You Wall Into An Interactive Surface

Motion TouchMagix™ turns any wall area into a multi-point interactive surface. This innovative and new exergaming product creates an engaging and unforgettable experience that allows users to immerse into different activities and games.

Delivering The Wow Factor

The Motion TouchMagix™ system provides an accurate and user friendly system that will continue its innovation in the exergaming market today and in the future. Motion TouchMagix delivers the “Wow Factor” creating a digitally engaging interactive gaming area for kids and adults.

  • TouchMagix sensor technology provides high quality multi-point gesture recognition.
  • Multiple of pre designed templates, games, and Applications. Web based remote management.
  • Turns any wall surface or a back projected display into a multi-point interactive surface.
  • Engages a person in an unforgettable experience allowing them to immerse into the brand or just have fun.
  • Transforms the end of the foot or finger into a point event on the screen
  • Dynamic content scheduling for creatives
  • Interactive sound recognition (ClapSense)
  • Easy calibration interface and setup
  • Audience measurement and interaction statistics

Wall Surface: 6' wide x 4' high and larger.


  • TouchMagix Hardware Kit (High Precision Sensor, Lamp Kit, 20 meter cable, universal adaptor)
  • Dell PC, wireless keyboard and mouse
  • TouchMagix Softwarre Suite
  • Ambient Light Adaptation
  • Templates, Games, Applications: 20
  • Creative Suite
  • Clap Sensing
  • Remote Web Based System Management

User Interaction Analytics

  • Software License: 2 year
  • Technical Support: 90 Days

Not Included:

  • Video Projector Package: Ultra-Short Throw projector mounts to wall and provide a 6'x4' playing surface.
  • Annual License for Support, Software Creation, and Game Updates (1 per month).

TouchMagix can also work with other display technologies like LCD, Plasma, Video Wall, LCD Displays.

Contact us for large application's and custom applications.

Additional Sensor Units for large surfaces up to 50'.

Product Warranty: 6 Months

(Frame, Structure, internal parts, etc.)

Electronics warranty: 6 Months

(Display, computer, touch screen, led lights, etc.)

Parts Warranty: 6 Months

(component pieces that come with the unit)

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