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PE Focused Movement Tracker

MOV Intro

What Is MOVband?

Designed by a teacher, fitness instructor and mother of three to make exercise meaningful, MOVband represents the first ever convergence of the latest accelerometer technology into a stylish and comfortable “band”.

A Fun Rewarding Way To Be Active

Physical Education programs in schools are drastically being cut, kids are becoming more sedentary and the result is an obesity epidemic. Kids need a fun and rewarding way to be active, to enjoy movement and a healthy lifestyle. Schools and organizations must invest, or find creative fund-raising solutions to bring the wellness of our kids to the forefront. MOVband, an innovative product combined with the MOVband Challenge, is a simple and effective, movement-based fundraising program that can help.

colored bands

Simple. Accurate. Stylish.

MOVband is more than just a cool pedometer. When combined with the MOVband Challenge, the result is a fun and effective fundraising program for schools and organizations

Why MOVband Facts:
  • Deficits in state budgets have forced public schools to cut teachers, art programs and physical education
  • 19% of kids 6-11 years old are obese, up 3x since 1980
  • Obese kids have a 70% chance of being overweight adults
  • US babies born in 2009 have a 10% chance of being obese by 4 years of age
  • To positively impact the above realities, MOVband has created a product and turnkey fundraising platform that enables communities to raise money to support wellness, while instilling the values of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Life in my classroom is easier - active kids are more focused and better behaved
  • My kids now have something to do during recess
  • It's fun!
  • I bond with my kids through the competition
  • It helps my school community raise money
  • There's no extra work for me
  • It teaches my kids to be active and healthy
  • I love to compete with my friends and teachers
  • It's a game and it's fun plus MOVband is cool to wear!
  • I get rewarded for moving, playing games, and even walking
  • There's no homework involved
  • I can track my progress by myself and receive rewards for achieving milestones
  • My kids are motivated to go outside and be active - that helps me fight the battle against screen time
  • When my kids are active they're better behaved at home
  • It instills the importance/value of exercise in my kids - it's more than a one-day event
  • It's fun for me too! We play games and go for walk so she can log more miles
  • It raises money for my kids' school.

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