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Pavigym Vertical 3.0

When your floor just isn’t enough, use the wall!

More Than Just A Wall

Pavigym 3.0 is an intelligent and interactive wall with integrated LED lights controlled by touch screen software, enabling trainers to design and track their training sessions. They can even control the lights and music at the touch of a button. It is a fun and entertaining way to train. Keep your members sweating and smiling at the same time!

A New Dimension For Training

Vertical 3.0 will open a new training dimension for users! It interacts with members in a totally different, innovative and fun way by using symbols and lights on the wall. Members can register their progress through an unlimited number of interactive exercises. Combine Vertical 3.0 with other 3.0 products and make your member’s experience amazing!

Pavigym 3.0 health club and fitness training flooring incorporates lighting, sensors, and fitness program in technical tile flooring pieces assembled onsite. Each fully programmed fitness and athletic training program is controlled from a central command unit such as an iPad.

4 Training Modes:

  • As an induction tool: Enroll new members by making the most hi-tech impacting and visual set of tests.
  • As an independent express work out tool: With pre-programmed exercises (approx. 10 minutes) members will train by themselves.
  • Free workouts: An ideal tool for Trainers to increase personal training demand.
  • Within Small Group Programs: In combination with either 2.0 or other 3.0 products your Small Group Training Sessions will be unique.

Using 3.0 technology in your health club or studio can help your clients and members discover nearly unlimited structured exercises delivering a new exercise experience compliments of sequenced and vibrant lighting and symbol progressive exercise cues. A participant simply follows these exercise cues as instructed by a personal trainer, as a part of a group or individually without instruction.

Members and clients simply adhere to this exciting and progressive exercise program. Clubs maintain higher retention rates and personal trainers use this technical flooring to diversify training environments, programs, and non-member interest. When non-members or clients see this technology in action—they are amazed and attracted. Both as member retention and acquisition tools, Pavigym 3.0 technical flooring system can make your fitness program attendance skyrocket.


Tiles: 5 Years

Electronics, PC: 2 Years

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