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Spivi Virtual Indoor Cycling

Get In The Race!

Turn Your Spin Class Into A Group Race

Spivi is an innovative social-network enhanced 3D visualizing system made for indoor cycling studios and fitness clubs. Installed on existing equipment, Spivi communicates with ANT+ sensors on each bike and generates an interactive, virtual 3D visual experience.

Real Time Simulation.

Spivi collects data from each bike, combines it with personal information, and processes everything into a unique group simulation.

Group Entertainment

Spivi turns the training session into a thrilling experience. People see their personal avatars on screen as well as their performance data compared to other riders.

Personal Approach

Riders ride with their personal pictures, they can set personal avatar , track performance history, meet others online, and share results.

Virtual Instructor

Spivi has many training workouts built-in and ready to run. It's easy to pick a program and let Spivi run it for the class.

Live Performance Feedback

Display performance data - Power (WATT), Cadence (RPM), Speed (MPH), Distance (Miles), HR (BPM), Burned calories (Kcal)

Fully Interactive Scene

Class instructors can select different scenery and control the animation in real-time, create inclines, declines, road angles, focus on users and more!

After Class Performance Analysis

Spivi provides detailed performance data for the individual vs. the group.

Maximize the Investment

With Spivi's virtual instructor, a gym can use the studio for personal training or small groups and earn extras!

Online Class Scheduler

Spivi offers on-line class registration for indoor cycling classes and any of your other types of classes.

Online Presence

Your Brand and logo have their presence on the Web

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