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Trailblazer Traverse

Follow the lighted handholds for the ultimate traversing experience.

The More You Climb, The Higher The Score

Children climb around the wall scoring points by pressing the grips as they light up. Scores are built up as the players become fitter and stronger.

Main features

  • Ideal for schools, youth gyms and indoor play centers.
  • Inclusive play suitable for all ages, best for 4-14 years.
  • Improves hand-eye coordination, agility, balance, core body strength, mental alertness and concentration.
  • Huge fun to play on and develops social skills through group play.
  • 16 interactive grips as standard, 3 built-in games.
  • Great visual impact of 5 x 2m wall-mounted installation, orĀ 6-panel hexagonal free-standing unit.

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