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Web Racing

Engage – Motivate – Retain

Step into WebRacing Exergame System

Experience Peloton Multi-Ride™ – an engaging virtual biking community experience. Peloton recreates you, the instructor, and your classmates as avatars on a multitude of riding courses where Effort = Action, Fun and Excitement.

Racing For Any Age And Any Level

WebRacing Exergame is adaptive to a variety of group training styles and approaches. It perfectly complements personal instruction where the instructor decides how to interweave warm up sessions and sprint sessions. The instructor can either ride with the class – or let the Peloton program run fully automated and walk around the classroom to interact with individual members, one on one.

A Virtual Peloton

WebRacing Exergame inspires and motivates its users to work harder and get more out their workout in a fun, social environment. Peloton’s instantaneous virtual reality interactively intensifies the camaraderie and competition in each class which leaves your members delighted with their overall experience, more satisfied with their efforts and looking forward to their next class.

  • Exciting Competition
  • Supports a competitive class spirit
  • Ride as an individual or in upto one of four teams
  • Run any number of up to 32 bikes • Compete with teams in other locations Motivation
  • Creates an immersive social group experience
  • Supports member camaraderie
  • Forget pain – Pass the leader – Post better results
  • Experience better cardio results


  • Instructor & riders’ avatars interact in real time on virtual courses
  • Instructors see immediate coaching effectiveness -Visually in real time and with hard data
  • Dynamic action camera angles

Valuable R.O.I.

  • Generate greater member loyalty by creating user engagement and a more fun workout
  • Automatic settings maximize the use of cycling studios during non-peak hours and when the instructor is unavailable
  • Low cost per user entry point


  • Virtual Reality WebRacing Software License (4-32users*)
  • Peloton Multi-Ride Class Package
  • 12 Course 3D Tracks
  • * Software License Fees are dependent on the number of Cycles.  (4-32 users)


  • PC / Server for Rendering
  • PC / Server for Admin Login
  • Admin computer and Graphics Computer on rolling cart (or wall mounted)
  • Wireless Receiver
  • Bike Numbering System
  • One Year Software License & Hardware Warranty, support and updates
  • All Cables: Video / Audio / USB
  • Set-up Tutorial

Video Display:

Any video Display(s)/ video Projector should have HDMI input.  If multiple Displays are to be used we need to include a HDMI splitter box.

WebRacing Exergame System / Peloton Multi-Ride Class Display Screen(s):

There are many ways to layout a Peloton Multi-Ride Session Room – some facilities may dedicate a space to the Peloton Class, while others may want to have the space be able to be used for other activities and classes. The Display viewing screen(s) needs to be as large as possible 48″+… or with multiple screens – preferably LCD or LED vs Plasma (as plasma screen’s glass cause room reflection glare). Video Projection is another display possibility with room light control. Note: Consider that lighting directly over head of the display area would be best to be able to be dimmed or controlled for the best class immersion in the Peloton

Standard Exergame Cycle – Model X

The X Series Indoor Cycling Bike features a 44-pound flywheel with a quiet, low-maintenance belt drive. The seat is anatomically designed with a mid-section cut-away. Indoor-style pedals are dual sided speed pedals. Handle bar and seat can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically.

Kids Exergame Cycle – Model X5

A Junior Size indoor Cycle (Spinner) made to commercial specifications with high quality materials for smoothness and long life. Perfect for sizes of 40″ to 63″. The X5 was designed for children, pre-teens, and shorter frames.  Perfect for family fitness and weight management applications.

Evo Fitness Bike Exergame Cycle

The most realistic road-bike feel, requiring full body movements and balance in order to ride. Offer your members a fun, exhilarating cardio and core training workout in one sleek, stylish product with the unique RAMP™ frame that sways with body movement. Let them measure their results with the EVO computer that comes standard with each bike. And, guarantee that they get a safe, comfortable workout each time with the InfiniteFit™ handlebars and hybrid saddle.

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