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Success Stories: Rye YMCA ExerZone

12 October 2015

The Rye YMCA has had great success with their new Rye YMCA ExerZone featuring some top of the line Exergame products. One of the biggest reasons for making the room was to have a safe place where kids could be active while their parents used the facility. So far it has been used for exactly that, and more. Adults are seeing the value in the room as well, discovering the depth in the machines and workouts. Which is great for everyone, more people find out about the world of Exergaming and are becoming fit in the process.

Some of our bigger names like the T-Wall 64 and the Pavigym Square are drawing people into the room. While machines like the Exerbikes and Heavy Ball keep people in the room with their unique depth and multiplayer aspects. At the Rye YMCA ExerZone members are finding a variety of workouts and activities in one space.

rye ymca exerzone

The active floor markings at the Rye YMCA ExerZone.space that they otherwise would not experience.

The Rye YMCA ExerZone also had things installed that were not pieces of exercise equipment. We offer services like fitness flooring, active floor markings, and wall graphics that they took advantage of. Our flooring services are very popular, you choose what is best for your space and gym, this usually makes the mostsense with remodels and new spaces. The active floor markings and wall graphics are less essential to the functionality of the room, but only add value for a small price. The active floor markings can guide a workout and create an entire new one from any unused space. While the wall graphics create a positive attitude and feelings in the room, encouraging being active.

Members have only had good things to say about the room and equipment. For most this is their first time hearing or seeing anything to do with Exergame Fitness/Exergaming. From our Rye YMCA ExerZone promotional video, you can see the setup of the room and some of the simple exercises on the machines. It truly is a unique and versatile workout space.

Especially being in the fitness industry, we love seeing our customers succeed and watching people experience Exergaming for the first time. We will continue to show Exergame Fitness can improve your workout experience and that interactive fitness in the next step in the fitness world!