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YMCA To Install Adult and Youth Exergame Solution

15 July 2015

NexersysThe RYE YMCA is set to install one of the biggest Exergame rooms in New York this September. The room will include seven different interactive fitness products: tWall 64, Exerbikes, JumpQ, 3Kick, HeavyBall, Pavigym 3.0 Floor, and Nexersys.These products will be used to create a highly engaging and physical environment for both kids and adult members alike.

Following their vision of nurturing the spirit, mind, and body, the Exergame room will offer new ways to be active. For the facility’s kids, these products will be a way for them to learn about fitness in a safe and fun atmosphere full of active technology driven fitness games; for the adult members, this area will provide new ways for trainers and fitness teachers to create engaging programs. PerformanceX_Home_Slider

The RYE YMCA is excited for the benefits of exergaming both on the member level and at the facility level. Many other facilities and organizations such as the YMCA of Greater Seattle Association have seen tremendous success with their Exergame Fitness Room Solutions in creating a sense of community, increasing membership, and helping members and their families enjoy being active.

Kids playing on Pavigym Square - an interactive flooring product.

Kids playing on Pavigym Square – an interactive flooring product.

One of the things the RYE YMCA is focusing on with their Exergame room solution is its use with adult fitness. Many adults like playing – hence why sports are so popular. Naturally this extends into fitness (even integrating a low level of competition has tremendous effects of engagement – as seen with wearables like Fitbit). The same level of engagement happens with the products that will be installed at the RYE.

There is a lot of excitement at the RYE YMCA to install adult and youth exergame solutions to their facility. Stay tuned for more updates as the installation date nears.