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At Exergame Fitness, we're extremely passionate about helping professionals like you achieve better results when you teach, coach, or train. Helping you make the world a more active, healthy, and vibrant place is why we exist. This passion to help you guides our vision and mission, and it's why we are committed to being the easiest company in the industry with which to work.

Align Yourself with a Leader

Since Exergaming came to the forefront of the health industry, we were the first company to bring all of the separate products on the market together to design an "Exergaming Concept". Long ago we had seen a need for these products and we waited to get enough products tested to create an Exergaming Concept that works. We don't just sell products, we sell "proven products" that create a concept and gets fitness based results!

We have now implemented our Exergaming products into over 500 locations and growing every year. We also sell them globally to places such as Dubai, The Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, Australia, France, Germany and many more countries. We will also share any ideas with you that pertain to your business model from examples we have seen in the field by us installing products, or just dropping in to see what other places are doing.

When Exergaming products came to the market, most companies in the beginning ordered just a few products to start with. As the industry grew and Exergaming became more popular, we are now seeing full conceptual room designs and new business dedicated just to Exergaming products. Right now is the best time to open an Exergaming location because of the popularity of the rooms and the proven products that are getting the health benefits that are needed in today's world.

  • Fact: 68% of Americans are considered Overweight or Obese.
  • Fact: 68% of American Households Play Video Games.
  • Obesity and Video Games are equally prevalent in our Country.
  • Solution: Play the Games – but MOVE in order to play.

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