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Exergame Active Lab Helps Kids be Active

22 January 2014

Schools all around the country are trying to thinkoutside the box in ways to help kids stay fit and healthy.  Numerousprograms are implemented every year throughout different schools.  The big question is for how long are theyeffective since children are known to quickly lose interest?  Investing ina great school health program makes a big impact on student’s lives physicallyand emotionally. The most important aspect for schools when considering aprogram is on how well it’s implemented and how well kids respond to it.  


Exergame Fitness offers schools theopportunity to implement a program that will both motivate kids to be activeand engaged.  How?  By combining fitness with technology, kids get toplay the games they like but have to MOVE in order to play.  Most likely,they don’t realize the workout they’re getting since they’re having fun.  In fact, studies show that exercise isdirectly related to improve achievement and behavior as well as wellness.  Our Exergame Active Lab helps motivate kidsto stay active and learn by exercising with something they love.


We realize that not all kids have the same preferences.Some are active and some lack motivation to be active.  How do we get themboth to participate? With our wide variety of interactive products, kids aresure to find something they like such as our popular, blood-pumping products, TWall, Makoto, and iDance.


To track how much they are exercising, we offer Movbands,affordable wristband activity trackers. With MOVbands, everyone can join in and do a MOVchallenge, a social andrewarding group activity challenge. 

Although kids are attracted to the play time, what’s init for the teachers? Exergaming has proven results.  From academicimprovement, social development to health and fitness, it does not just endthere.  Lincoln Middle School in Fort Collins, Colorado has established asuccessful Exergame Active Lab as a way to get kids more focused and engaged inthe classroom. See for yourself how Lincoln Middle School is positively impacting students everyday. 

Schools and most importantly, teachers try their best tocreate a great learning environment for their students.  They are the onesthat spend over 6 hours with them every day and see their struggles whetheracademic or health-wise.  It makes their job even more difficult when kidsare unmotivated to learn.  Partners with Exercise4Learning, we arecommitted towards helping educators implement these concepts in the educationalsetting and helping them make a difference in each kid’s life. 


For more information, please browse around our websiteand check out, Exercise4Learning

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